Society Clothing

We are SOCIETY Clothing, the SOCIETY of the Sun, and the SOCIETY of Change. We are a California based design collective that promotes the "LIVE FREE" modern renaissance lifestyle. Think California casual meets NYC class… with deep roots in vintage motorcycle culture, the beach lifestyle, contemporary fashion, and live music.

Society of the Sun is the premier lifestyle clothing brand for our generation - the SOCIETY generation. We challenge each of you to know your limits and defy them, because if your dreams don't scare you they aren't big enough. Live your life on the edge and push yourself every single day to do things differently.

That's what our "LIVE FREE" mantra is all about - believing in yourself and following your instincts. We promote positive, adventure-seeking free spirits looking for a brand that truly understands and represents their lifestyle.

Society of the Sun is dedicated to making the absolute softest and best fitting products on the market, that’s why every piece is hand-sewn, hand-washed, and hand-finished - creating the absolute perfect fit. We stand by our quality, and our care for the environment.

All of our graphic tees are printed with eco-friendly water based inks, and we only work with the most upstanding, and socially conscious factories in the world to bring you the best possible products.

Welcome to the Society of the Sun, the Society of Change, and the start of a true revolution.


Society of the Sun – California casual apparel for the modern renaissance lifestyle

Make A Change For Society